April 6, 2011

Blooms on a Moody Day

The blooms were fully present on this changeable day

I adore the deep blue of the sky here

The approaching rain fell in sheets as it approached us

Last Saturday I found myself caught in a torrential rain and hailstorm while attending the Cherry Blossom Festival in downtown DC. Picture thousands of people (mostly tourists) in a mass panic due to the pelting hail, running across the Mall to see shelter in the closest Smithsonian. Pretty amusing actually.

Then, as suddenly as the storm came, it ceased and sunlight shot between the clouds. Such a moody day that created an interesting backdrop - dark greys mixing with the luminescent pastels of the cherry blossoms.

The weather reminded me so of England, prompting such yearnings to return to that beloved country.


  1. Stunning photos, the pink contrasting against somber clouds! People's reaction to any sort of weather change in D.C. amuses me...... a half inch of snow will cause the entire city to shut down.

    I spent just four days in London last summer, and I've been yearning to go back ever since.

  2. I love the idea of "writing in the margins of your life"...
    Well done.
    Lovely photos too...

  3. oh man that last picture is awesome. the falling rain--so gorgeous.


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