April 10, 2011

Love Versus Life's Pursuit

I finally saw The Adjustment Bureau this weekend and was really moved by the existential nature of this film. Despite the bad reviews, I thoroughly enjoyed the film with its Inception-like tone and the surprising chemistry of stars Matt Damon and Emily Blunt (side note: Blunts boho chic style rocked!).

What struck me the most about this film was its discussion of finding love versus attaining your life's purpose, your vocation.  Questions are raised if you can have both true love and the career of your dreams.  If your career path might prevent you from being with the one they love or vice versa.  David (Damon) is a rising politician and Elise (Blunt) an rising dance star.  Before they found each other, each character dedicated themselves to their career to "fill the void of love." When they meet and fall for each other, a question arises if they can continue to ascend in the same career direction with this weight of their new-found love.

When two people have divergent career paths but have such strong feelings for each other, how do you make that choice? In some cases, maybe you don't have to make that decision, but in the film, these two are asked to consider these choices. It made me think about my own career choices and if there will come a point where I will have to make that choice between my dreams and a love who has dreams of his own. My career is very important to me, but I want to know that great, deep love.  I suppose I must hope for have both, and the opportunity to adjust my dreams to include that special person and a fulfilling vocation.

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