April 11, 2011

The Romantics

I finally saw this film and really enjoyed its gentle, playful tone. It is frothy with its carefree band of characters - late 20-something friends gathering for a wedding. Formal liberal arts majors. So there are literature references galore, which I love. What I found most surprising and enjoyable were the moments of intense, beautifully written dialogue that carried on a bit longer than most dialogue in movies tend to go. At least, it felt that way.  

And the clothes. So pretty and funky. I think my favorite was Malin Ackerman's character's black and white strip dress she wears to the rehearsal dinner. The shot above shows the cast modeling J.Crew clothes - a style that definitely matches with the film's fashion! I found the movie entertaining and lulling with it's soundtrack of chill tunes.

Image found here.


  1. so on your rec, i watched this tonight...was in the mood for a film.

    and i'm dying...i like tidy endings. tome and laura end up together right?!

  2. I've been wanting to see this. I'm glad you liked it, because now I know I will! :) Hope you're having a happy week, my friend! xoxo


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