June 24, 2010

Imagined Possibility

My dear friend Susie suggested that I watch Actress Meryl Streep's commencement address to Barnard College's Class of 2010. I am so glad that I did.

Streep's smart, empathetic words meant so much to me. What a light that shines through that woman.

Here are some highlights that meant the most:

"Pretending is imagined possibility."

"Your calm focus can pull people in."

"Empathy is at the heart of an actor's art."

Streep talks about changing her appearance, her "giggle", her mannerism to please men when she was younger. During this portion, I kept nodding my head. Oh, yes. That was me. I think that was all of us.

And finally,

"Pay attention to the cracks because that is where the light gets in." A quote Streep used by Leonard Cohen.


  1. Thanks for posting this, I woudl never have taken the time to listen to it had you not. I LOVE Meryl Streep and that was a delightful and touching 28 minutes.

  2. goodness she's a good woman to listen to. i've got love for the streep!

  3. oh man, i'm about to stop everything and listen to this. she's a marvel. thanks for sharing.

  4. :) I wish that the speech that she mentioned she gave at Vassar years ago were on youtube (I already checked). She says she felt like she knew so much back then!

  5. I agree, that's all of us at one time or another, changing for men...I once had a male professor tell all of the girls in my class that if we thought we could manage a classroom and use "that simpering voice" we had another thing coming to us.

  6. I'm can't wait to watch this! I turned down Barnard to study in Switzerland and I always wonder what if...? Such an incredible school. And who doesnt LOVE Meryl??

    xx Katie


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