January 6, 2010

A Two-Hour Embrace

I can't stop watching Away We Go. A Christmas present, I have watched the DVD three times in the past week. That is A LOT since once I see a movie I usually don't care to watch it for at least a couple of months. But this movie is just so good. Almost too good. The Sam Mendes film offers its viewers a glimpse into a couple in love like no one else. Burt (John Krasinski - swoon) and Verona (Maya Rudolph) are two idyllic creatures floating through a film littered with vibrant and blatantly flawed characters. Through the noise of these bursting, comedic sketches comes the quiet, gentle rhythm of Burt and Verona (with the help of Alexi Murdoch's flawless music) that acts like a two hour embrace. I love the idea of this film - a couple traveling around to all the people they have known to find a place to raise their child. A worthy journey. The end result is a perfect culmination of all they are seeking and so fitting for these 30-somethings who are trying to "figure basic stuff out." The movie feels like an old friend, who reminds me of the possibility of a great love and that everything is going to be okay.

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  1. I wanted to see this before but now I REALLY want to. Love that Krasinski!

  2. i am OBSESSED with away we go! such an incredible movie, and i love john krasinski! thanks for the sweet comment! xo

  3. It is such a beautiful movie! Gave me a great feeling!

  4. oh what a sweet description! i've been wanting to see this, and now i have to!

  5. this is on my "to see" list. maybe i'll move it to the top now!


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