March 30, 2010

Style Love: Fanny Chanel in A Good Year

The rainy doldrums prompted me to pull out my worn copy of Ridley Scott's A Good Year so that I might bask - through the magic of the cinema - in the warmth and joie de vivre of the Provençal countryside. The movie (and novel by Peter Mayle) tells of Max (Russell Crowe), a British banker who travels to Provence to sell his recently deceased uncle's chateau. The film is rich with hilarious and colorful characters - the town locals and Max's British friends. His love interest is the owner of a local restaurant, the mysterious Fanny Chanel (Marion Cotillard). Watching this movie makes me want to run away to Provence and work in a local restaurant like Fanny (alas, the movies always make this adventure look far more romantic than I am sure it actually is)!

I adore Fanny's carefree, casual style that suits a Provence summer. I would describe Fanny Chanel style as comfortable sexy with a splash of bohemian chic - scoop- and v-neck tops, flowing, above-the-knee skirts, and a hairstyle either done up in a messy bun or flowing freely.

Style Love: A Good Year

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  1. This movie made me want to run away to France and become a chef (but you're right, they make that look way more glamorous)! I love her style for summer! xoxo

  2. this is looks great! marion is so lovely, that i might even go rent it tonight!

  3. Love this look, will have to check out the movie or book :)

  4. Oh Russell, marry me in that striped jacket, why don't you? Sigh.

  5. I was totally expecting to hate that flick and I looooooved it!

  6. Oh I so agree! I love Marion Cotillard! She is so beautiful!


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