April 1, 2010

An April Walk

On this quintessential April morning, I step outside my door and inhale the the cool, clean renewal of the times. This new season inspires...

...the Earth to rinse itself from the storms and detritus of wintertime.

Green hues, brilliant in their newness, return once more...

...while pale pink blooms in spite of the grey April sky - full of hope for brighter days to come.

Aged moss thrives amid ancient stone, hillside societies that thrive on the vertical lifestyle...

...and purple cones sprout pleasantly from the dirt, waiting for those nourishing April showers mixed with the sprightly rays of a spring sun.

Happy April!

All photos taken with my iPhone via Tiltshift and ShakeItPhoto.


  1. I love that first pic! Looks like I'll be downloading the tiltshift app too. Happy April! xo

  2. SO pretty and I love the photos, especially the top one! Tiltshift is so much fun. Oh yeah, did you get the Holga? Happy April, my friend!! xoxo

  3. Oh yay Boston...or Brookline :)

  4. ah yes, thank god for april and rebirth!

    i can't thank you enough for your comment on my post about the tubs. you're right, i often can't cry when i need to and it takes something so silly and unimportant to bring it out. last night i was able to, it began at the beginning of my hour long subway ride--euf--i was that person that falls apart in public and people stare at, and it gets so bad that someone has to hand them a stack of mcdonalds napkins--which happened. awesome. it was awesome. not. but good things will come. i have faith. or i'm trying to and that's something.

  5. I want to get cool vintage photo apps for my iPhone! Love these shots. Yay for springtime! xoxo Katie

  6. what a marvelous ode to april and little photo expose of your walk! lovely*

  7. I need to take your lead and get my butt outside!


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