June 23, 2010

Salade Lyonnaise

Sweltering days leave little desire for cooking complex warm meals. Tonight, I will be serving up a simple, yet delicious Salade Lyonnaise, recipe courtesy of The New York Times' Mark Bittman. A lovely poached egg, some pancetti bacon, some fresh frisee lettuce, and a Dijon vinaigrette, all served with a chilled white wine. Ahhh, summer days.

I have not felt very inclined towards blog posting as of late. Perhaps the general weariness over my current circumstances and a yearning to be in other places. But change will happen soon as it always does. And then I hope that I will have the inspiration once more to fill this space with my ideas and inspirations!

Image: The New York Times


  1. Salade Lyonnaise is one of my favorites! I get it on Sundays at the cafe down the street, but somehow I've never actually made it for myself! Thanks for the recipe!! xoxo

  2. This salad looks absolutely delicious. And salads are a must for summer evenings (although here in seattle it's hardly felt like summer at all). Have a great weekend!


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