January 11, 2010

My Blogging Space

Inspired by others like Meg from The Wild and Wily Ways of a Brunette Bombshell and erin from reading my tea leaves, I snapped a photo of my blogging space - my bedroom desk. I crave to someday have a separate creative space, but for now I am lucky to have this sweet little place right by the window, which lets in a soft light and allows for daydreaming and gazing at the outside world. I put that desk together a few years ago, finding the legs and frame abandoned in my parents' barn and nailing a sturdy wooden board for a top then painting the entire piece in white paint. The ribbon board was made by my ever-crafty mother from one of my old bulletin boards. It contains cards from loved ones and images that most inspire me. As recently reminded by Dani of ...like a rolling stone, everything is a gift and this blogging space is no exception. Where do you blog, my friends?


  1. What a charming little space and so creative that you made that desk! My blogging space has tended to change with the seasons - the laptop following the windows for sunlight, favorite changing tree colors, snowfall...wherever I'm feeling most inspired at the moment.
    Have a great week, Emily!

  2. I love seeing where people work, your space is so sweet and calm looking!

  3. I like your little area! Love the lamp!

  4. i blog on my bed. perhaps a touch uncreative/uninspiring.

    i'm glad that you love dani so much. i love that girl more than i can say.

  5. Nice! :D It looks so conducive to reflection and quiet...

    I blog on a small desk attached to my floor-to-ceiling IKEA bookshelf smack in the living room, well in the line of Maya-and-Ruhi fire... way less conducive to reflection and quiet, let's put it that way... ;)

  6. ah, thanks heaps for the little shout-out.
    to be inspired is such a needed thing, so i'm so happy you felt inspired the other day!!
    keep on blogging, and blogging in that CUTE space you have. quite jealous..i wouldn't even post where i blog, it's so ghetto.
    have a good one! xo.

  7. Lovely thing for pictures... have no idea what we call them in english :-)


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