April 2, 2011

Design Inspiration: Jane Eyre (2011)

The exquisite movie poster for Jane Eyre
I finally made it to the theater to see the latest adaptation of Jane Eyre. Friends, I am much more an Austen girl versus a Brontë girl, but give me a period English film and I am at the theater regardless of my literary preferences.  The day was perfect to see such a film - blustery and moody, dark clouds dispersed with stray lines of sunlight. I felt as though I was traversing an English moor as I crossed the Mall to get to the Landmark Theater in downtown DC.

I think the film did a service to Brontë's novel while casting it in a new, interesting light. Mia Wasikowsa does justice to the role of Jane -- being both reserved and revealing of her inner passions. Michael Fassbender as Rochester...well, let's just say I really enjoyed watching him smolder on screen in this role. Their passion was evident and well-portrayed. And Judy Dench was just adorable as Mrs. Fairfax.

Jane and Mrs. Fairfax looking lovely with their lace fashions
I adored the film's soundtrack by Dario Marianelli, which perfectly captured the mood of the film. The set and costume design were spot on, and I was so inspired by their use of lace -- curtains, dress embellishments. It made me consider how I can use lace in my own apartment in tribute to this fine English tradition. I could not find an image of the scene where Jane looks out a window decorated with the most exquisite lace curtains, but it was in that moment that I found inspiration.

The film also had the most beautiful flowers -- violets, cherry blossoms, and others -- a true tribute to an English spring. A floral influence is a heavy theme for my apartment decoration plan.

Jane and Rochester flirt amongst the blooms

Images found here, here, and here (copyright by Focus Features).


  1. This is beautifully written, Emily! I have yet to see the movie, but this is good encouragement!

  2. I just adore Jane Eyre!! I can't wait to see the movie :)

  3. I can't wait to have a break in my schedule so I can go see this! I love period pieces, too. I just watched the last episode of The Tudors, it was phenomenal (if not exactly historically acurate).


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