December 7, 2009

A Special Time

Pretty lamps at Upstairs on the Square, a delicious and stylish restaurant in the heart of Harvard Square. My birthday lunch with two wonderful parents. Salad Niçoise. Zebra cake with a long, thin sparkly candle. Delightful!
Birthday flowers from my mom. Yellow mimosas. Red and white reniculas. Purchased with such love. A girl should always have flowers on her birthday.
The family birthday cake. Yellow cake with yummy frosting. The last of its kind. I'm really "growed" up.
Birthday car (well, a birthday ZIPcar). Snazzy red luxury. Carrier of good friends to brunch at my favorite place and around the city on a brilliantly sunny Sunday.
Peeking outside my window on my birthday morning. If you can see it, there are a pair of interlocking hearts drawn in that patch of snow. A loving sign, and perhaps, a wish for my coming year.


  1. Happy belated!! That birthday cake looks so gooey and delicious!
    And did you seriously get a NEW CAR for your birthday? It's fab!

  2. Haha, Thanks, Anne! I wish I had received that car! I made a correction in the post as it was sadly just a Zipcar - mine for a few short hours!!

  3. Best wishes for your year ahead. Happy belated bday lady!


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