December 4, 2009

Birthday Business

'Tis my birthday time of year, friends! As a kid, I recall such excitement flowing through my young limbs during the days leading up to my birthday. Especially the night before. I would lie awake in my bed, listening to my mom bring down my presents. Hearing the crinkle of paper told me that she was putting my birthday sign up, which read, "Happy Birthday, Emily Cora," written in her fantastic bubble letters (she really has some mean bubble lettering skills) and containing pictures drawn by her of all the different themes for my birthday cake - Belle, Misty of Chincoteague, dinosaurs, Isabelle, our family's cat. I cherish that sign. It symbolizes how much I know my momma loves me.

There's something notable about your birthday that makes you feel magical inside - perhaps invincible even. While a little of the specialness becomes tainted by reality and age, I can't help but feel a certain giddiness as I anticipate the coming weekend!

My first gift is the tops! From my dear friend and roommate, Emily, some personal cards from moo! I had been thinking about getting some cards and the doll beat me to it! Thanks, friend!

Image found here.


  1. bonne fête ma belle!
    hope its a very very special day!

    ps. love the pic of marilyn. i was at a restaurant last night and they had this big picture of her in a gold dress...i couldn't stop looking at it. simply fabulous.

  2. Happy happy happy birthday! Hope the celebration is fabulous.

    Do you love the moo cards? I'm thinking of getting some as holiday gifts.

  3. I hope you had a wonderful celebration!


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