December 7, 2009

Style Love: Penelope Cruz

I watched Vicky Cristina Barcelona last night. I've been wanting to see it for so long and finally sat down to watch... and was promptly put into a bored stupor. Until the arrival of Maria Elena (Penelope Cruz), who is a luminescent presence in this film. Penelope Cruz so richly deserved her Academy Award for this role. She's the epitome of a sexy, passionate, and yes, crazy woman. She inspires me to sprinkle a little more of these traits (sans the crazy) into my own life. She really knows how to exude her sexuality. Her confidence. All good things for women to emulate. I mean, why do we always have to button it up? Play the proper prude? Okay. Maybe I am being a bit dramatic. Sometimes I think being a bit bad can be good for the soul.

Penelope Cruz's fashion is always pitch perfect in her movies and on the red carpet. Below are some of my favorite outfits.

How elegantly bad-ass is Maria Elena's outfit in this scene? A pink nightgown, her fringe purse slung over one shoulder, and her camera over the other. Sans the cigarette of course, I think this look is the perfect blend of "Devil may care" and feminine style.

I love the messiness of her hair (makes me long for my longer hair) in this picture and the disheveled, impassioned nature of her fashion.

I love the texture of this black floor-length gown with it's sweetheart neckline. And that pop of white at the bottom - tres chic!

The informality of this red pantsuit is such a bold move on the red carpet, but it is one of my favorite outfits. The double-breasted jacket, the cuffed pants, and the wedge heels really complete the ensemble. All in all, the best part is the perfection of this hue of red, which suits her so well.

Image found here, here, here, here.


  1. Yes, she's pretty much amazing! I wish my hair was anything at all like hers - I would be a happy lady. I can't wait to see Nine this holiday!

  2. i know EXACTLY what you mean. she just gushed raw sexuality in that movie...i was in love with her hair! (and okay in love with her too...and i mean that in the most straight way possible!)


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