August 25, 2009

Brunch Style: Metropolis Cafe

Brunch has become one of the quintessential experiences of my twenty-something life. There are scores of delicious brunch places around the city of Boston, and last weekend, I discovered one that I think tops them all: The Metropolis Cafe on Tremont Street in Boston's historic South End. We were looking for a place with a relaxed, vintage atmosphere in the South End, and we found it at the Metropolis. It was around two o'clock in the afternoon - not the best time for brunch - but we were welcomed into the place by Max, our young waiter, dressed head to toe in black save for his arms, which bore a myriad of tattoos. He was a vibrant character, vocal, and voracious for information about our lives as he served us (by the end of the meal, he wanted to hold the title of "chattiest waiter" in our experience). The small restaurant is diner meets French Bistro, an intriguing combination that totally works here.

The brunch menu was eclectic and tasty-looking and had a great price point for what you ordered. I had a delicious Chive and Boursin Scrambled Eggs with homefries and homemade whole wheat toast. It was AMAZING! I love when your mood and taste met their match in a meal - just like this brunch! Their dinner menu also piqued my interest for it's variety and style as well as the reasonable prices. I will definitely be frequenting this place more often!

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  1. Oh the deliciousness! What a great idea, too, brunch at 2 :) My kind of plan!


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