February 17, 2013


Pretty late-summer blooms in a Alexandria, VA garden
 I'm there again. Planning the next phase of my life after graduation in May (the downside of a one-year Master's program). The never-ending "next phase" that has become a particular hallmark of my generation. Never satisfied. Always moving on to find the "right place" to be. I know for certain that I do not want to be where I am now but that only serves to eliminate one place. I could go northward to Maine or south and once more to Washington, DC. These two places seem to be the strongest contenders and so very different in what each choice affords me. And so I continue to mull and feel muddled over these choices.

And also weep and grumble over the inevitable moving of my possessions that will happen with this new transition.

Outdoor dining at Virtu in Alexandria

Store window in Old Town Alexandria, VA
Burning lamps on Prince Street in Old Town
Strolling down Prince Street in Old Town Alexandria 
Mum at Monticello in Charlottesville, VA

Parents at Monticello
Parents at Mount Vernon
Miss my old apartment
Camden Harbor, Maine

Whitehall Inn (where Edna St. Vincent Millay was discovered)
M and Me at Pemaquid Point, ME
M at Walden Pond, MA 
Mum at lunch yesterday

Her Royal Highness
Just plain cute


  1. This whole post makes me smile. I know, you feel like you're in the rapids again, trying to make sense of where to go next and resolve the longing in your heart and the memory of each beautiful spot you've been. But, your writing and these photographs speak to me. They tell me of the courageous soul that you are. That you are eager for adventure. That you have a spirit that treasures all that has been, too!

    Be kind to yourself and drink tea! And keep us posted!

  2. The best photos Emily...love seeing all of you....
    You do know how very special you are....so follow that very special heart of yours...listen closely...
    You will know...it may take time but you will know....

    much love...Marianne


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