January 11, 2013

Transitional Seasons

Always in January, I crave a warm landscape. Sandy beaches. The sound of waves. And the glowing sun. A Maine summer (which tends to be more moderate in temperature).  My mother scoffs at me and says I never appreciate the season I am in. I correct her and say it's only the extreme seasons -- winter and summer (in DC) -- where I take issue. I am truly a child of moderate temperatures and the dynamism of a refreshing spring morning or a magical fall twilight. But she is right about appreciating the here and now. SO. For now, I am learning to love the chill and the piles of snow. Maybe I will even take a winter tramp this afternoon.

Photo: Emily Bowen

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  1. It's so funny you posted on this. My sister and I are trying to plan a trip that involves sunshine, sand and relaxation. I'm having a hard time getting through all this miserable rain. I think snow might be better! Enjoy yours for me!


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