March 20, 2013

A Visit to Marblehead

Marblehead in winter
Because of school and life commitments, I wasn't able to see M for almost 2 months. When he was scheduled to visit last weekend, I knew that it would make our reunion all the more special if we went away for a little adventure. We found ourselves in Marblehead, MA, a little coastal village filled with colonial homes and a quiet charm that soothes a weary soul. While chilly, our time in Marblehead was so lovely - strolls down quiet streets, delicious seafood at a local pub, walks along the rocky edge of the coastline where waves of the most brilliant green-blue crash against dark, jagged rocks. The violent pulchritude of a New England sea. There's something utterly spiritual about walking by the ocean in late March.

A charming property

View from Crocker Park in Marblehead

Castle Rock on Marblehead Neck

 Photo credit: Emily Bowen


  1. Seems like such a nice getaway! Love the new blog design.

  2. Whoohoo! What a brilliant idea! I agree, there is something intense about the ocean in March! I'm so pleased you guys took a get-away! XOXO


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