March 13, 2011

Table Coverings

I am building the decor in my apartment little by little.

With the whole apartment, I want to create a very nature-inspired, garden-like feeling. A little of the outdoors indoors, if you will.

A trip to Crate and Barrel last weekend produced lush green place mats for a mere $6. I loved the rich green of them - it reminded me of freshly mowed grass in early June.  The ivory linen napkins were found at World Market ($10 for 6!).  I had a small chiffon table mat from April Cornell, which I used to place under a small glass of merry Gerber daisies (contrasting nicely with the green place mats).  The table is a simple wooden one from Ikea, but I like it for it's country kitchen feeling.

I want this space to be functional, tasteful, and enjoyable as it is both an eating and working space.


  1. It looks lovely! The green really is very soothing. I can spend hours (and hundreds of dollars) at world that place!

    Happy Monday :)

  2. Oh, the bliss of World Market! You did a great job, sweetie, they all look wonderful together!


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