October 11, 2010

Something to See

The film Secretariat, just like the horse for millions of Americans in 1972, took me by surprise. I knew going into the film that it would be an inspiring Disney movie about the greatest racehorse that ever lived. But what I did not expect was the feeling of self-confidence that arose within me after watching the horse win the 1973 Triple Crown. I mean, I think horses are stately, enchanting creatures but I am not a horse person, per se.

I love movies. And my family loves to go to the movies, so much of my life relates and connects to that cinematic feeling one gets when watching the majesty of a well-made feature film projected on a large screen in a darkened theater. It's humbling. You exit the film and that grand place of a movie has so ensnared you in its plot you feel you lived the story with the characters. You endure their lives.  In watching Secretariat, I felt the belief, the perseverance embodied by that stately thoroughbred.

In 1973, he knew he had it in him to win. His female owner, Penny Chenery, knew he had this power. She sacrificed much and ignored all the male chauvinism that fell across her path in order to see her horse to victory. It's something to see.

And somehow, in watching that film, I began to know once again that I have it in me to be successful in my life. I have my power. It's long been sheltered by heaps of insecurity and fears of commitment. But lately, I've felt fledglings of ancient feelings that I once so deeply loved - adventure, romance, possibility, and a clear sense of right that's worth fighting for. It's all there and I am going to rush in and grab it like a champion's title I always knew was mine.

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  1. Okay, I need to come by here EVERY DAY for a doze of YOU :) This post is amazing and inspiring and delightful! I saw the preview for this movie over the weekend and didn't know what to expect, I'm so glad you liked it. I come from a very similar cinematic-inclined familial background. Most of our quotes are from movies. I love this about you :) Now I feel like writing in my journal and seeing what's below the surface, too!

  2. I'm so glad to hear this is good. I've been wanting to see it. We used to always drive by the Claiborne Farm where Secretariat is buried on the way to my Grandmother's house, and it would make me so sad when I was little! He is such a legend here!
    Thank you, as always, for such sweet comments on my posts this week, my dear friend! Hope you're enjoying your week! xoxo


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