September 23, 2010

A Bit O' Fall Style Love

So I couldn't resist. Thinking about fall wear, I had to put together my uniform for the coming months. And if I ever find that great job, I might be able to supplement it. For now, I have combined some items I have with some pieces I greatly desire, most notably, a blouse from the Alexa Chung for Madewell Collection. For me, this season is about rich, warm colors like Chartreuse, Aubergine, Teal, Cherry, Saffron - all colors I have included in the Polyvore collection below.

Clothing has become a significant part of how I express myself. I see fashion as an extension of how I choose to live my life. As I am sure many people feel, putting outfits together each day is a small, beautiful way to flex your creative muscle. And I will always remember Miranda Priestly's tribute to the color cerulean, which symbolizes the saliency of the fashion industry.

My Fall Fashion Inclinations


  1. I'm in love with your fall "line"! I have to have those tights especially! xoxo

  2. Yes, I love the color palettes! Great taste :)

  3. cute finds- especially love the necklaces and of course the toms!

  4. i love your choices and i totally agree about clothing representing us. i like to dress well, i like to put on makeup-it is one way i can show that i value myself, that i take care of myself. and i've been thinking about doing a post about how i think it is important to dress up for certain things (like theatre and church and going to dinner, etc--because it puts you in a different mind frame).


    ps: adore that clip. oh, meryl, why you gotta be so darn good?!


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