September 20, 2010

Mondays Are For Media Maladies

So now I think maybe New York City is in the cards for me. I feel like a swinging pendulum with equal momentum in both directions - Washington, New York, Washington, New York. If only something would spring forth to pull me closer to one.

NYC is all things international this week with the convening of the United Nations General Assembly, Climate Week, and the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). I perused several news sites today and noticed something: Former President Bill Clinton was getting a lot of press for CGI - it has been touted as the new United Nations for the level of effectiveness in resolving international disputes and crises.

Amidst all this lauding, however, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton received minimal press, even after her excellent negotiating skills a few weeks ago with the Israeli/Palestinian talks. It was as if Big Bad Bill came on the scene with his media-making presence and blew away her credibility (okay, a bit strong, but read on).

Then I came across one of the most ridiculous and sexist news clippings I have ever seen. The Huffington Post headline: "Hilary Revives the Hair Clip". In the article, the author debates whether Clinton wearing a hair clip to the United Nations was appropriate or "too casual". Um, excuse me? Who cares what she's wearing?! The woman has proved her foreign relations chops and salience in one of the highest positions of power in the world. She can wear ten clips in her hair and I would be more interested in what she had to say about the detiorating situation in Sudan. I just find it so darn intriguing how Clinton the husband is lauded for work of his incredible organization (and it is a marvel) and Clinton the wife is covered for the way she decided to wear her hair.

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  1. I saw that about the hair clip earlier in the week and thought the exact same thing - how insanely ridiculous! (I like how you filed it under "subtle sexism!") So, maybe New York?! exciting!!! :) xoxo


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