March 4, 2010

Oh, Baby, Baby

{They are out of character here, but I thought this was
such a sweet photo of John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer}

Seriously, is there anyone who doesn't love Jim (John Krasinksi) and Pam (Jenna Fischer) from The Office? If there is, I don't want to know them. Tonight Jim and Pam are having a baby on the latest episode of The Office. In celebration of this event, I will suspend reality and cry sweet tears, remembering when Jim first got the courage to say, "I am so in love with you."

Thanks, Greg Daniels and The Office writers, for giving us the inspiration of a true love.

Life imitates art, right?

{I like this photo because it's so cheeky!}
Images found here and here.


  1. I LOVE John Krasinski! I can't wait to see 'It's Complicated'; I hear he's great in that! xo

  2. ahhh i love them. they are so so sweet. i haven't watched the office in awhile, but i should definitely check out this baby episode!

    have a great weekend emily!


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