March 4, 2010

Burleigh Love

If there was ever a set of dishes that I would love to possess, Burleigh's Asiatic Pheasant would be the one. I adore dishes, especially antique china ones with beautiful hand-painted floral designs. I'm always scouring antique shops or local flea markers for unique pieces and not just for serving food! For instance, I use an antique butter dish on my dresser to place my rings and bracelets.

Anyways, to the point! My love of Burleigh began during my time in England. I said that before I went back to the States I would find myself a proper English tea set. Then the last week of my year-long study abroad arrived a set was yet to be found. One drizzling May afternoon, I popped into a Bath curiosity shop ( adjacent to the Royal Crescent) and discovered the Asiatic Pheasant pattern, a delicate blue color in an exquisitely drawn designs of pheasants and florals. I purchased a small teapot and two cups and saucers, which I carried wrapped in as much packaging as would fit into my carry-on suitcase! My friend Jenn also fell in love with the pattern and purchased a pitcher, which she currently uses as a flower vase!

In the past few years, I have grown my collection to a cow creamer, a sugar pot, and a small pitcher from Burleigh's Felicity collection. I hope to someday have an entire dining service because I am lately loving the Asiatic Pheasant dinner plates. So very elegant and British!

Images found here.


  1. I love how subtle the pattern is.

  2. So handsome. Love the dreamy shade of blue. I'm a sucker for Herend china though I haven't allowed myself to buy any. My grandmother bought us a full set of antique English china for an early wedding gift and I'm dying to get my hands on it. I've only seen pictures, but it's all hand painted floral loveliness---so pretty! Keep collecting! XO

  3. Those look so delicate and pretty! Love!

  4. *love* this! I have a pretty set of china from my great grandmother that I adore, but am terrified of actually using, because I don't want anything to happen to it! Just this past week I've been easing into it by having my coffee in the little cups and saucers! It makes it better somehow! :) xoxo


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