January 13, 2010

A New Day

Out with the old (a view of MIT and Cambridge)...

...and in with the new (downtown Boston)!

A glorious day! Not only is the sun beaming down on the frozen Boston 'scape, but I am moving to a new point in my professional career, as it were. A point where I will be writing! Yes, friends, writing will once again be my trade, my big meal ticket. Hooray! Writing has always been so very natural to me (I know many of my blogging friends can relate). A frequent pastime in college, this skill of mine has lapsed over the years. The miracle of this blog and encouragement from my few, but oh-so-treasured readers has remedied this deficit of creativity. A change of this kind reaffirms a life, energizes the spirit. A new epoch for me awaits in the coming weeks. Until the thick of it begins, I will be traveling to NYC for a little Colbert Report viewing, some law school inquiring (a journey to be tucked away for a year or two), and lots of friend-visiting.

May these next winter days be joyful for you all! xo


  1. I'm so happy that you'll be writing! Your way with words is so exquisite and I always enjoy reading your posts! Have a wonderful time in NYC! xo


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