January 13, 2010

For Haiti

I offer my entire heart to the people of Haiti in the aftermath of that horrific earthquake. I don't know how things like this can happen. These people have suffered so much. They don't need the wrath of mother nature on their already bloodied and battered heads. Life is a cruel trick when it takes its toll on the people who deserve it the very least. Dooce posted this link to sites where you can donate money and NPR did the same. I'm sure there are countless others. Today I am thinking and praying and wishing for solace to come to all those who call themselves Haitians. The world hears you and will hopefully hold you close and help heal your many wounds during this painful time. Peace be with you.


  1. Oh, it's terrible! I cannot imagine the destruction to that poor country. I donated with the cell phone text thing - hopefully lots of peeps will donate what they can!

  2. It's been astounding, really! I've been listening to NPR a lot these past few days. I'm praying for the relief to actually REACH them SOON!

  3. Great post. This is such a tragedy. I wish people at work would stop thinking that little things that go wrong throughout the day are a big deal.


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