January 24, 2010

My City

Indeed another New York City post for I have returned once more to what is increasingly becoming my favorite city. The apple of my eye. This visit was for my new job. In between all the new ropes to learn and content to absorb, I found spare bits of time to explore the city even further and on my own. This independence became my true friending of this vast metropolis. The view from my hotel window showed an ethereal gold hand from Madame Tussuad's (see here in a tilt shift-style photo), a strangely comforting object to see amidst the vast linear architecture of Times Square.

{A room with a view of Times Square}

Though I was based in Times Square for the three days, I tried to move beyond the "center of the civilized world." In the late evening, I wandered the streets as a means to understand the city 'scape. I passed by the Palace Theater, currently the home of my beloved West Side Story. While tempted to see an encore of the show (after my thrilling autumnal experience), I was unable to steal away from my work duties to make an 8 o'clock show. In the early evening, I walked up East 42nd street to Grand Central Station where I procured a small cappuccino at a delicious, albeit pricey cafe. I leaned against a wall in the vast main room of the station, pretending I was meeting someone, a dashing young man perhaps, when really I was observing the streams of people whose busy paths intersected eamlessly and sometimes clumsily, as they journeyed to their destinations.

{Snazzy cars zip by the marquis of Broadway}

I strolled down West 44th street for an evening work event at the Harvard Club (very "shay-shay," my term for upper-crusty and possibly pretentious) and after, stole away to the Algonquin Hotel bar where I sat in a corner booth and enjoyed my favorite cocktail, a gin and tonic. Here I sensed the witty, bitting presence of Dorthy Parker and the Algonquin Round Table. I surveyed the scene: a pair of businessman discussing stocks and new hires over oysters and martinis. Two young British men, in slim, dark jeans and matching striped cashmere sweaters nibbled bar nuts and drank thick, dark drafts of stout. Never before had I sat by myself at a bar and this classy, historic venue was just the ticket for this new experience. I felt a kinship with the scene and a sudden comfort in the city.

{Pricey drinks at the Algonquin Hotel}

This interlude energized me to stroll around the area and I soon found myself at Bryant Park where a skating rink and outdoor cafe had been erected. The cafe's translucent white tents and the brilliant white spot lights created an ethereal effect amidst the dark city night. This city breathes such possibility into me. It seems to fit me like that pair of black suede Dansko boots I magically found in a thrift store. Nothing ever fit so well. Boston-bound for now, who knows what may come in the months ahead!

{Bryant Park Skating Rink}


  1. great post! You made Time Square seem wonderful! This coming from a woman who works there everyday and hates it!! Job well done! ;o)

  2. Lovely post! I would love to visit new york and I hope to as soon as possible!

  3. Your writing is beautiful Emily!! I found you via Mara @ M Loves M! Sounds like your kind of city, I felt like I was right there with you while reading this :)



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