January 25, 2010

A Chic Chemise

There are many terms for it: nightgown, nightie, chemise, peignoir, slip. I love the idea of elegant bedclothes and have been recently inspired by various pieces from film, stage theater, and my recent Etsy perusals, which resulted in the purchase of the aqua chiffon nightie below.

{An Aqua Chiffon Nightie from misovintage}

{I've always loved Maria's simple baby doll-style robe during
the balcony scene of West Side Story}

{Loving Maria's nightgown here - and yes, I could not help but include
a picture of the dashing Matt Cavenaugh}

{The romantic ruffles and delicate embroidery of Queen Victoria
(Emily Blunt)'s nightgown - so lovely and has inspired me
to try to sew my own chemise}

{A pretty vintage 30s charmeuse and lace nightgown
from RevolvingStyle's shop}

Images found here here, here, here, and here.


  1. Oh great photos to go along with the fashion!

  2. can i tell you a secret? my favorite nightie is one that i absconded with after a visit to my grandmother's house. it's polyester, so worn that it's practically see through, but it's this fabulous sea foam color and the most amazing floaty, flowy, short dress style. it makes me feel like betty draper from mad men! it will be a sad day when it finally bites the dust :)

  3. OoOo I love the 30s lace nightgown, I have one quite similar I'll have to pull out and feel pretty in... thanks for reminding and inspiring me!

  4. I love the 30s lace nightgown, i have one quite similar I'll have to find and wear and feel all lovely. Thanks for the reminder and inspiration!


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