November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving At Home

I awoke Thanksgiving morning to a beautiful table set by my mother - doesn't she have a flair for decorating?

Next, I checked on the freshly-baked pies, pumpkin and apple. Perfect tartes for our enjoyment later in the day.

The chef, hard at work!

My dad rose early and worked tirelessly to prepare all the delectable dishes we would so fortunately eat. Above, the hallowed stuffing is in the works!

The damp, grey day made us feel cozy and warm indoors. Looking out on the backyard, I could see all my mother's beautiful gardens had been laid to rest for the coming winter months.

As part of tradition, I watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - my favorite moments being the performances from the latest Broadway shows, the Rockettes, and the floats that had people singing Christmas carols. Afterwards, I caught a little of the National Dog Show and Sadie, a Scottie dog who won last year! Isn't she pretty? I just love Scottie Dogs!
The end of the parade heralds the start of the Christmas season and the inaugural playing of my favorite Christmas album, the soundtrack to the movie, Miracle On 34th Street. The album reminds me of a classic Christmas feel - of older, simpler times. A true feeling of the holidays.

We enjoyed a lovely roaring fire!

Our family friend from Massachusetts came to our home to celebrate the holiday with us, and once she arrived, we had a light lunch of hor d'oeurves: salmon salad with baguettes, crab dip with crackers, and a veggie platter with a yummy ranch dip. My dad mulled some organic cider to warm our souls while we dined on the yummy snacks!

After lunch, I took our family's dog, Mae, out into the backyard and threw the ball for her. Here she, mid-jump, trying to catch that ball!

My mom's pretty little gardening shed. It makes me think of our old house in the Maine woods in its rustic color and design. It's a lovely addition to the backyard.

My Thanksgiving attire. A brown silk dress from Banana Republic. Brown opaque tights. Teal suede and patent leather heels (they are SO high!). Cool, earthy tones for this autumnal holiday.

Getting ready for the big event!

Mae hides from the turkey!

A glass bird full of sweet cranberry sauce.

The bird, itself. Isn't it pretty? I didn't eat that much since I am become a quasi-vegetarian.

Our Thanksgiving table!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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