November 25, 2009


{A lady who needs no introduction - Mae}

As I write this post, a dear little springer spaniel puppy, Mae, lays at my feet, warming my toes, dampened from the chilly November mist. I am home for the Thanksgiving holiday. A blessing. A miracle. And the thing for which I am most thankful. To have this warm, cheery place to rest my weary self. My parents are such warm, loving folk who show me show much generosity and sincere affection whenever I venture Maine-ward. Homeward.

My Maine home brims with charming aspects - rustic antiques, squashy chairs draped with pillows and fuzzy throws, crackling fires in the fireplace, the smell of something wonderful baking in the oven, the sounds of Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra (my mother and father's favorites, respectively), a petite, occasionally snooty tabby cat called Isabelle slinking along the wall, the wiggling, joyous, cuddly puppy, Mae, chewing her squeaky toy. Home is a quiet joy and symbolic of the small, simple things that life offers us. Home rhythm is slow, gentle. This was my youth. My lucky, lucky youth.

{That illusive dame - Isabelle}

I love that we are right at the very beginning of this holiday season. Everything is fresh and full of expectation. Right now, the day before Thanksgiving is a perfect moment. I am so blessed with home and this holiday to share with my darling family. Thanksgiving is my favorite because time seems to suspend and you spend a special day with those you love, celebrating all that you have been given. We always have a lovely time with delicious foods, company, music, and the simplicity of Thanksgiving in a Maine village. I am thankful that we have all this. Thankful we have each other.

{Pie plates waiting to be filled!}

I hope that everyone has a warm place to go and loved ones to see tomorrow. Wishing you all a joyous and peaceful Thanksgiving!

{Happy Thanksgiving!}

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