November 23, 2009

At Rest

This weekend, I perfected the art of being "at ease." After a month of feeling sick and being incredibly busy, I siphoned off these two days to try to heal myself physically and a little bit emotionally, as well. I slept in 'till around noon both days, relishing the luxury of my numerous squashy blankets. I rented movies (Star Trek, The Ugly Truth) and consumed copious amounts tea, fizzy drinks, and hot soups to assist in the healing process. I finished two books that I had been reading simultaneously, which felt like a HUMONGOUS feat.

Sunday arrived and I felt stronger, more alive. I did some light cleaning around the apartment and my room - a practice that always serves to lighten my spirit and enables me to think more clearly. A few of my roommates were away so I enjoyed the solitude, slow rhythm of the clean, quiet space. I watched The Family Man (2000) while eating a steaming bowel of chicken noodle soup (which I am apparently buying stock in). I only enjoy Nicholas Cage in this film about an investment broker who realizes the importance of family and love. A perfect film for the approaching holiday season.

It was a true November day - grey, dry, brisk. The trees outside our living room window clung to its few remaining leaves, brown shrivels of their former selves. I love the peace of it all.

Image found here (via Sabino).


  1. that sounds like a great weekend. i love finishing big thick books - feels like such a happy ahcievement!

    i was really hoping to sleep in on sunday...but no luck. apparently my body just loves waking up at 7.30 seven days a week...

  2. i really wish i could slow down like that! i finally finished 1 book that i have been reading for quite some time....


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