December 1, 2009

A Fine Fir

Before I left the cozy confines of my Maine home, we went to get our Christmas tree! When we lived in the country, we would drive down the road to a tree farm and chop a tree down (I know, global warming). We would trump through the rows of trees, deliberating over the various trees we liked. The air - cold, crisp, fresh - inspired the spirit of the coming holiday and ensuing winter months. There is something about being deep in the woods that makes me feel wholly alive.

We walked through a sea of prickly green...
...when, lo, my mom spied the ideal holiday fir to grace our home!
Later in the day, Mae and I helped my dad hang holiday lights around the outside of the house. This year my family is using LED lights to cut energy costs. They give a brilliant white, almost blue light, that took some getting used to after years of golden sparkle lights.
In the corner of the backyard, my dad strung colored lights on a tall spruce. It is so pleasing to pear out the back window on a winter's night and see those warm lights winking at you amidst the darkness!

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  1. That is beyond magical. To be able to gaze at that every night. Sigh.


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