September 7, 2009

Summer's Waning

Oh, how delightful Maine can be in the late summer! I've just returned from a restful few days in Maine. Alas, I forgot my camera so I was not able to capture the glorious sunsets and ethereal moonlight spotted during my time in "vacationland." On Saturday evening I strolled down to Pott's Point Preserve in Harpswell Bay -- a narrow strip of rock and sand that juts out into Casco Bay. On one side, you could see the giant orb of the rising moon, coral-tinted from the reflecting sun. It's proximity to the horizon line magnified it's size so that one felt the possibility of touching it. The other side of this minute peninsula revealed the burning yellow, orangey-golds, and reds of the setting sun contrasting with the blackened shapes of land, buoys, lobster boats, sea grass, and a lone heron grazing by the water's edge. I felt on the cusp of day and night, that strange and wonderful mixture of times. An incredible stillness set in. I was reluctant to move lest I disturb this natural design.

Image found here.

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