May 30, 2012

Big Skies and Big Waves in West Virginia

The long road to West Virginia (seriously. it was like 100 miles on one road)
A few weekends ago, a group of friends and I traveled a LONG WAY across West Virginia for a weekend of camping and whitewater rafting.  I had not done either in a good 10 years and it felt excellent to be out in the woods and on the water once more (only minimal encounters with people who could have been extras in Deliverance).  There are no pictures of the actual whitewater because, well, I was busy paddling for me life!!

Rolling hills of West Virginia
A beautiful morning before rafting
Apparently in West Virginia chivalry is not dead because they made the men carry the boat

This guy was like a character from Lord of the Rings and was in a lot of my shots
View of the New River Gorge Bridge
Snapshot of our campsite
West Virginia Mountains

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  1. It's so beautiful, I love the rolling hills and the woods! I've always wanted to try whitewater rafting - it's on my to-do list :)


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