May 31, 2012

E Around Town

Sunset at the Nationals' Ballpark

Wait, what is this? Three blog posts in a row?! Insane, I know.  But I finally feel like I am starting to get things under control in my life enough that I can go back to my regularly scheduled programming (hopefully). Life's been busy and I am lucky for the goodness that's come my way this spring.  Lately I've been experiencing the best sides of Washington in the mostly favorable weather we have been having. I will always tuck this period of my life in my heart and take it out to see and hold when things are not looking as rosy.

Waiting in the dark metro after my final tutoring session! 

Morning scene from my apartment window

Making whoopie pies (aka moon pies) for the first time (note:  I made the tops WAY too big)

Walking across the bridge to the Lincoln Memorial one evening

I have always wanted to see the Lincoln Memorial at night

Walking 'round the Lincoln Memorial

There should be two pairs of feet - and there are (well, technically three in this picture)!

Our shadows while sitting on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial at night!

An apple pie for Memorial Day!

Fredricksburg battlefields with my own personal Civil War buff (I have learned so much, especially about the Confederate side - this is not to say that I will be whistling Dixie any time soon)

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