February 19, 2012

Il a été un long temps

A Maine sky
You thought I had fallen off the face of the earth, right?  I wanted so to return to this space.  And I was desperately trying to but was locked out of my personal email (except for my phone's email functionality) and blog for about three weeks. I had set up a 2-step verification to protect my email from hackers and through a series of events, many of which were my own fault, I was locked out for what seemed like permanently. The protection was so good that even I couldn't access it!

Then, magically, I was able to get one of the codes to work yesterday! Such joy! It happened so unexpectedly after I had truly given up hope. But the ending is wonderful and I am once more writing here. It's true that you do not know how much something means to you until you cannot have it anymore.  This blog is an important part of my life and my personal expression and I am so grateful to have it back!

Wishing anyone who still frequents my little space a joyous weekend! I am having a marvelous time at home with my family in Maine. We dined at a delicious French restaurant in Portland last night and are in the throes of planning our spring family holiday to France in celebration of my mum's birthday (which is actually next week, but April in Paris sounds better than February in Paris, non?)!

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