January 16, 2012


Bits of spring

It's been a while. Life came to a head this weekend and I spent the majority of it resting after a few weeks of holidays and less-than-top-notch health. I could hide all this but it wouldn't seem right because this is where I am right now. A bit of a trough. Which is okay for now.

I am a grown woman who is figuring out how to best take care of herself. I was particularly inspired by meg's post on "loving myself enough" to do the right things like eating well and keeping my apartment clean.  It is those basic things that are keeping my attention now because I am worth their value. We are all worth their value.

One thing I did for myself was to procure the above pot of daffodils - tiny heralds of my favorite season, which we are moving toward!!

I know it could be so much worse. It can always be worse. And it is worse for so many right now. Especially for the people of Haiti who are still suffering from that horrible earthquake two years ago.  So I am going to offer up my trough to them. Because, despite everything, I am truly blessed.

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  1. Taking care of yourself is a hard thing...though I feel like blogs often make it seem so easy (although I love Meg's post which you linked). You're on the right track. Get better soon darling!


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