October 12, 2011

Putting It Together

I think about where I want to end up. I know, I know. It's about the journey. But I think about how to put together
to end up in the place I want to be.

Right now, it's still a rural setting.  I really do not care for the city - so many people, noise, pollution, overpriced living. People don't seem to care of each other anymore.  It's feels like too much. Maybe, I just need a break. But deep down, I know I will always be a country girl.

Me, an old house, a kayak, and hopefully, a family who wants to live in the country too! I feel like I've written about this before but I am constantly going over in my head how it's all going to end up.

Of course, now I have to conjure a career that will enable me to move to the country.

I think the country means moving home to Maine at some point. But other days, my soul longs for the English countryside.

I lived in England for a year and it's my happy place (that and Prince Edward Island). It's been so long since I have been back (fingers crossed for next year). I read Artemis' gorgeous blog to live, vicariously, a rustic, charming British life.

So, as usual, no conclusions. Only ideas. If I had a nickel for every life idea of mine, I could finally afford a kayak and a car to transport said kayak.

Do you think about where you want to end up and how to put it all together to reach that point?

Image credits: Emily Bowen


  1. Oh, I love these posts! They seem to speak to me, too, and that inner longing we have. I crave the mists and rolling countryside of England, too!

  2. We love all the same places! Can't wait to get back to Maine, PEI and the English countryside one day! So many places to see and so many lives you could live. It's hard to decide:)


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