October 20, 2011

Lovely Things

So many lovely bloggers feature posts on items that make their weeks. I am not one to really notice items that make my days better, but this week, there are few things that have made things particularly lovely.

Homemade Mexican Chicken Noodle Soup - Warmed my spirit and helped stave off a developing cold

Newly purchased grey sweatpants from Madewell - so soft and cozy

A vintage postcard included in the loveliest note from my dear friend, Amanda
A wee pumpkin decorated my window sill - a tiny herald of the autumn season

This week was a tough one. But I made it to the other side. Thanks to the unceasing support of my wonderful parents, especially my mom, who let me vent profusely to her on the phone. And also, lots of good movies, music, and books - mediums to distract myself from overprocessing everything. Which I do.way.to.much.


  1. These are the loveliest autumn things! I'm glad you liked the postcard (another antique treasure I've uncovered here at the house); I have only a few of them, so I'm only parting with them for special people! ;) Hope your week is cozy and wonderful! xoxo

  2. sorry to hear you had a tough week! sending you some good thoughts :)


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