April 27, 2011

There's Nothing Like Family

Antiquing with my mother in Alexandria

My dad peruses the delicacies at Eastern Market

Brimming bowls of lattes and plates laden with freshly herbed eggs  at Le Pain Quotidien

The electric ceiling of the tunnel connecting the two buildings of the National Gallery of Art

My beautiful, stylish mom outside The Dubliner near Union Station in DC

Our Easter dinner table (the lace tablecloth was crocheted by my Great Grandma Cora)
The past week has been a whirlwind of family visits, dinners, sight seeing, and other activities around DC.  It was cyclonic but so lovely. It was so special to see not only my parents but my closet aunt and uncle and their eldest son and his wife, all in the matter of a few weeks! Family is very important to me and it filled me with such joy to have this company. It was especially wonderful to have my parents here, staying in my apartment, touring my work, walking around my city - it made this new life of mine seem more real and meaningful. I have always been a lucky girl in my life, but now, here, I feel more lucky than ever and more appreciative of what I have been given, especially the incredible friends and family in my life. 


  1. Love seeing all of you together....so wonderful...it made my day! (-:
    bye for now... love...Marianne

  2. Sounds like a lovely time with family....and your mother IS stylish, love her trench coat! I can't wait until my next trip to DC, to check out all these spots!

  3. I know exactly what you're talking about--having your family in your space, in your favorite spots, favorite haunts seem to make everything more special, more real! I'm so glad you had your family there with you over the holiday weekend! Great photos! Your skills are so wondrous!


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