April 18, 2011

Apartment Blooms and Some Passing Thoughts

Purple daisies for the kitchen

Purple daisies in my mini Burleigh pitcher
Tulips and Hyacinths (with some violets to boot!)

Some merry yellow fleurettes
My family is coming for a visit this Easter week and I have made every effort to fill my apartment with fresh flowers. The project has been an absolute delight as spring is my favorite season and spring flowers are so fresh and a welcome sight.

I am so excited to have my dear family here this week. They are bringing the remainder of my belongings from Maine - absolutely incredible of them. I am so blessed with this life - cherished family and friends. However, now that I live by myself, I sometimes feel a more acute sense of loneliness as a still single girl. I know there are a myriad of things I could do to change that, but somehow, I feel I lack the will and faith that these things will produce any kind of a genuine connection. Anyways, I am glad my family will be here this week to fill the void a wee bit. 

Wishing you all a joyous week!


  1. Hello hello dear friends! We are thinking of you all together on Easter. Love all the flowers Em...Happy Easter Day!

  2. Those are lovely!! You won't be lonely for long, dear girl; someone is going to come along and snatch you up - you're way too pretty and smart and sweet! :) Have a lovely Easter weekend with your family! xoxo

  3. ah the life of a single gal. i know that loneliness you speak of, but i'm attempting to revel in it at every turn, knowing it won't was long (hopefully it won't last much longer at all).

    i'm having an easter thing tomorrow and am off to the store today for some fresh flowers. have a great time with the family and enjoy the holiday!! xo.


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