January 27, 2011

Clear and Bright

I took this shot at a tiny point near my parents' house in Maine. I have also shot this place here on a moody October day. During the summer, I would often ride my bike over to this place to read or to just sit in the silence of the quiet ocean inlet.

Today the expanse is frozen, white, so incredibly bright. It almost burns your eyes. The sun is brilliantly reflected. In some ways, I think this is what heaven must feel like. Brilliant. Pure. An alabaster haven.

Not that this winter is my heaven. It's been so bitterly cold and snow-filled. My heaven would only have snow from December until mid-January.

During the past few days, I have been furiously packing and tying up loose ends in Maine. In the midst of all this chaos, I realize how much I will miss Maine. I love this place so much. This is the place where I have lived the longest. But I have such yearnings for new experiences, new people, and a varied life. I so crave a varied life.

So I'll leave for now with the promise to someday return. To return, when my life once more requires the calm, clean tempo of a Maine lifestyle.

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  1. Such a gorgeous photo! I would love to see your picturesque Maine landscapes in person one day. I'm excited for you for the new experiences awaiting you in DC (and you'll always have Maine to come home to)!
    Thank you for the beautiful comment on my post today; you made my day, as always. I'm fortunate to call you my dear friend! Have a lovely weekend! XOXO


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