November 1, 2010

Bleak House + Halloween

I wish that time didn't scare me so much these days. Lately, I feel myself caught in a zero gravity field. No forward motion despite my anxious kicking. Try as I may, I have not found that good position I had hoped to procure. I knew it would be tough in this economy, but I have had several leads (made through networking) that have all sort of halted just shy of coming through.  I cannot help but retain glimmers of hope because that's who my eternally optimistic mother raised me to be. But it still feels Bleak House right now.  Not unlike the overcast scene above, which is a salt marsh about a five minute bike ride from my parent's house.  On this particular late October day, I find the scene to be emblematic of my mood - cool, deep hues of dark colors that bespeak a certain wonder at the fate of it all.

However, doom and gloom is not all that we have on the menu today. Thank goodness for that ghoulish holiday, Halloween, where I allowed myself a respite from my woes to dress up in costume, bake up a storm in the form of these delicious chocolate carmel apples, and delight in the warm glow of orange lights amidst bronze leaves. Hope that you and yours enjoyed this delightful autumn holiday!

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  1. Those apples look absolutely divine. I had to stop myself from licking the screen.

    I'm sorry things are feeling "bleak house." They will get better!!!


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