November 4, 2010

I Want A Man To Look At Me Like That

Okay. So. My motivation level has plummeted this week and inspiration for blogging is void. However, I did watch Woody Allen's latest film, Whatever Works. Very amusing film, typical Allen. Warning, though: Evan Rachel Wood's Southern accent is annoying. The highlight for me was that I fell in that hopeless kind of fake love (that one tends to have for movie stars and fictional characters) for British actor, Henry Cavill, who plays a dashing British gentleman in the film. He is so handsome with an intensely charismatic, warm manner.  Of course, then I discovered that the first three seasons of The Tudors lives on Netflix Instant (Cavill plays Henry VIII's best friend, Charles Brandon)...the rest is history. Productivity is completely kaput this week. But what a way for it to go...

Image found here.


  1. Interesting! I might have to give it a watch and queue up the Tudors now, because ya know, I need more things to distract me :)

  2. geez- so do i. i'm a sucker for romantic comedy's.

  3. Why don't you live closer? We could do movie dates together--I think we're quite kindred in our appreciation of film footage, especially involving handsome british gents!

  4. I loved this movie (but I'm with you on the southern accent)...of course, I love pretty much all things Woody Allen. Happy weekend, my friend!! xoxo


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