November 12, 2010

Scent's Memory

Do you ever smell a scent and are instantly transported to another time in your life? I decided to spritz some Hawaiian Ruby Guava by Pacifica Perfume this morning and I was taken back to last year this time when I was in such a different place, planning to go to law school, traveling a ton, seeing my first Broadway show, and catching a glimpse of a dashing gentleman or two. I was still working at my first job out of college and planning my vacation time around the holidays. This year, life feels so different and yet, I love how this scent brings me back to a former time where I can remember times when the world was very kind.

Wishing everyone a happy weekend! I am recharging my spirit by taking a trip to Boston to visit my amazing friends!! I cannot wait for soul-reviving conversations to commence! 

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  1. I know, I love how a scent has the power to do that. My husband says I have quite the nose on me because I'm always smelling things he can't smell or smelling things that bring back memories!

  2. I am counting down the minutes :)

  3. Different scents do that to me too, such as the new Voluspa candle I bought for the house this weekend - a seasonal favorite. Hope you're having/had a wonderful time in Boston! xoxo

  4. i use secret deodorant and am transported back to 6th grade (in a good way)! oh, life.


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