November 6, 2009

Sometimes the world is very kind

Sometimes the world is very kind and decides to lift its weight from your burden and bestow precious gifts. I feel like this weekend is one of those moments in time when I am given such a respite. This upcoming weekend will be a FABULOUS one. This evening, I will be attending the premiere of Brief Interviews With Hideous Men (based on the David Foster Wallace novel) which was directed by The Office's John Krasinski (aka, my ideal man)...who will be ATTENDING said premiere. I am seeing John Krasinski...IN PERSON (just letting it sink in for you).

Also, my AMAZING roommate Ingrid procured us tickets that include a Q&A with the man himself!!! I am reading the book now and its very good.

{The dreamboat, himself}

{Some of my favorite Jim Halpert faces}

Next stop for the fabulous train is taking a VERY early bus on Saturday morning to head to....THE BIG APPLE!! Yes, I am venturing down to New York City to visit some of my dear friends from college and to have my first Broadway experience seeing the revival of West Side Story. I am have fallen in love with the soundtrack and am just thrilled to be able to have this experience, which will also including seeing another dashing gentleman - Matt Cavenaugh in the role of Tony (his voice is so perfect for this role). Overall, I am SO full of joy for these upcoming events and feeling very grateful for having the chance for such happy activities! I hope you all have glorious weekends that you so richly deserve!

{Matt Cavenaugh as Tony - second dreamboat of the weekend!}

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  1. Awesome activities! I am jealous. Tell Jim I said "hi."

  2. oh my gosh lucky lady.
    q&a session...i'm writhing with jealousy.
    you MUST take lots + lots of pictures + write a big fat post about it. deal?

    oh new york. you are so lucky that you live so close! i love broadway shows...i saw hairspray a few years ago {front row!} and literally almost died. me & ashley parker angel made eye contact and i think my heart actually stopped. risky!

    i hope that Matt Cavenaugh does not cause you to go into cardiac arrest.


  3. Hahah thanks, Janis! I hope Matt doesn't give me a cardiac arrest either!

    And don't worry...there will be a HUGE post about the event with Mr. Krasinski!

  4. Me equals VERY jealous of you. How was it???


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