June 11, 2010

A Perch

Some mornings I would rise before dawn and walk up to a hilltop meadow to sit and look down upon this English scene. The sun rose each time to shine its forgiving rays on these historic structures. Sometimes, I just sit back in awe that the sun rises each day. Even on those days that, at the end, make you wonder if it can all begin again. And it does. That everlasting reminder of resiliency.

There is something about perching above your life that helps place the mind's detritus into order. I miss that perch and have yet to find one in my current setting. And it is so important: a place to go in solitude to reflect and mend the frayed edges of your thoughts.

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  1. I need a perch! I went for a walk today to try to mend some frayed thoughts, but it just isn't the same as a setting in which to be still and perch - you said it perfectly! I hope you find yours! xoxo


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