May 6, 2010

Bensimon Ballerine

I have large feet. There's rarely a graceful moment for my expansive tootsies. Additionally, I am tall so you won't find me in high heels, or if you do, not for very long. I seek comfort, style, and quality in my shoes. I've been trying to save my pennies but I could not resist these Bensimon Ballerine flats. They were on sale and oh-so-French. Comfort and style for the upcoming summer.

What's a twenty-something, fashion-conscious girl to do? It'll be PB&Js for the next week and half!

This reminds me of a Carrie Bradshaw line. I used to buy Vogue instead of dinner. I felt like it fed me more.

Image found here. This is actually an image of a kid's shoe, but I ordered the adult size. Hehehe.


  1. They are adorable...and so is your Carrie line. Perfect picks :)

  2. emily,

    are they comfy? they look great for my work but i'm on my feet a lot (and love to walk)...

  3. That is hands down my favorite Carrie quote of all time.

    And... your new flats look so casual chic! I love them.

  4. These shoes are absolutely amazing! I have the standard lace ups and they are so comfortable and I get a million compliments on them whenever I wear them.


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