March 8, 2010

Just Three

There were some gorgeous fashions worn at the Academy Awards ceremony last night. I started this post with several of my favorites, but then I realized that they really just boiled down to three actresses and two designers: Rachel McAdams (Elie Saab), Anna Kendrick (Elie Saab), and Sandra Bullock (Marchesa).

Rachel McAdams' Elie Saab gown was like a painting one might find at the Metropolitan Musuem. It was like looking at a painting by Monet while listening to Debussy song or a selection from Dvořák's Rusulka. Rachel is already a stunning beauty, but this dress was a crowning achievement on last night's red carpet.

While I have to admit that I didn't find Anna Kendrick's performance (nor Clooney's or Vera Farmiga's) worthy of an Oscar nomination, I fell madly in love with her blush-colored Elie Saab gown. The color matched her skin tone and hair color PERFECTLY. She look positively radiant. I adored the chiffon folds, the lace detailing, the small flower accent, and the overall flow of lines in this dress. The effect was pure magic.

And then there was Sandra. From the moment she stepped on the screen, my roommates and I were all, "Oh, yes, that is perfection." She was regal, poised, humble, funny - everything a strong woman ought to be. The Marchesa gown was only an affirmation of her person. The color, her smooth, long hair, and those berry lips - all spot on. I must admit I thought Meryl Streep would win for her UNCANNY portrayal of my favorite, Julia Child. But I also believe Sandra Bullock's performance in The Blind Side was incredible and so deserving for this award.

Her acceptance speech brought such tears to my eyes, especially dedicating her work in the film to "...the moms that take care of the babies and the children no matter where they come from." Adoption is a beautiful thing that I will always admire and praise any recognition of such heroism.

Her mention of her mother ignited such emotion within me, especially when she credited her mother's guidance and inspiration with allowing her "that," meaning her husband Jesse James. It was a moving tribute to what I can only imagine is an incredible and genuine partnership. A deserved moment for one classy, empowered woman.

All images found here (source: Entertainment Weekly).


  1. I totally agree with those picks! I loved Sandra Bullock last night. I was super emotional during her speech - she had me in tears during the mother dedication. I'm so happy she won! Hope you're getting some spring today! xo

  2. These were my three favorite too! Sandra was stunning.

  3. Sandra was my favorite, she looked like a statue. So beautiful and so very Oscars. Her speech also made me tear up, best moment of the night.


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