March 26, 2010

I Miss This Show + The Weekend

The emotional cup runneth over lately. Sigh. Such is being a woman and my mother's daughter. Why though, I ask myself?! It's part of who I am but sometimes it makes for hard dealings. To temper the sting of my angst, I have been watching episodes of my favorite show, Alias. I miss this show. It spoke to me. Sydney Bristow's ability to be both tough and vulnerable. The totally cool ensemble cast. And Vaughn. All of us women need and deserve a Vaughn type. Case in point, the video below.

I crave these weekend days. These two days that are completely my own to rest and access the parts of life that truly feed my soul. Speaking of feeding the soul, check out this delicious spring recipe for a surprising light and refreshing meal (hint: get brown rice pasta if you can to increase the lightness of the meal). Wishing you a delightful last weekend in March. We are moving ever closer to that gorgeous Spring weather!

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  1. My older sister Heidi LOVES this show!

    And I get emotional two days a month, you know what I mean. And it's badddd to make up for the other 28 fair weather days :)

  2. I, too, crave these weekend days...and spring weather!! Have a wonderful weekend, Emily! xo

  3. i spent a whole new years day way back when watching the first season of alias. such a good show.

    and running over emotion is a good thing, difficult or not.


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