February 16, 2010

The Style of Desk Set

{The reference librarians from Desk Set look at a picture of a coworker's baby}

A long relaxing weekend at home included a viewing of a favorite movie, Desk Set, a 1957 romantic comedy starring Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. I love the classic 50s fashion in this film - the sharp work outfits comprising either of a slimming pencil skirt or full skirt enhanced with a crinoline or ample fabric. Various tweeds, brushed silk, or other textured fabrics appear on the various female characters - reference librarians working in a high-rise in the heart of Manhattan. The head librarian, Hepburn's Bunny Watson dresses sensibly for her role with basic colors, powerful collars, vests, and tailoring to mirror her above-average intellect. The movie is good fun with it's bantering dialogue, quirky supporting characters (played by classic actors of the era), and the introduction of the new "computer" that threatens the jobs of the reference librarians. Think (very) early Wikipedia. Below are some outfits I put together, courtesy of Polyvore, and inspired by the film.

{Hepburn and Tracy deal with the faulty workings of his "computer"}

{Bunny and Richard get silly at the company holiday party}

Images found here, here, here.


  1. How have I never heard of this film!? I love Katherine Hepburn and the clothes! Just look at 'em! Drooool.
    I love the Crystal and blue topaz earrings, how romantic.

  2. Lovely clothes!! If only I could wear stuff like that everyday - its just so unpractical :-)

  3. I have to see this! I just love all of your film recommendations! Hope your Maine weekend was fabulous! xo

  4. How brilliant are you for pulling these looks together. Bet it was fun too :)


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